I am a qualified contract programmer and consultant, operating under Jukie Networks. I am seeking Linux software development contracts, as well those which require cross- platform software for UNIX or embedded applications. I am most interested in contracts which would permit me to work from my office (Ottawa, Canada) and commute in as needed for source-code integration and design meetings.

Operating systems:

I have been using Linux since 1994. In 1998 I landed my first job involving Linux. Since 2000 I have been working on embedded and kernel projects. I don't run Windows, but I have developed for it, ported from it to UNIX.

I am experienced with the x86 boot process and the PC BIOS.


I've written at least a dozen Linux device drivers; most were PCI device drivers, few were network stack drivers, one was a networked filesystem driver, and another was a USB driver. Of those several drivers were actually part of a portable architecture that ran on Solaris, Windows, OpenBSD and FreeBSD, in addition to Linux.

I have done some work on X drivers, particularly for the AMD Geode LX graphics chip.

In addition to driver work, I have also modified parts of Linux and FreeBSD kernels to perform clients' special needs. I have also worked with the ATA protocol at a byte level, and used SATA bypass through libata.

Recently, I have begin the in-depth study of the Android platform concentrating on the low level internals (not just applications).


I've written several multi-threaded (via processes and posix threads) servers, designed several network and wire protocols, and am familiar with various 2, 3 and 4 letter acronym protocol standards :)


I have modified the GCC toolchain for a custom ARC processor while working for a semiconductor manufacturer. I later wrote a distributed backend to a custom debugger the firmware developers were given so that they were able to debug a single multi-core target on a PCI card in a Linux box, from multiple Windows machines.


For a few years I worked on hardware accelerating various crypto libraries and software. I contributed a hardware acceleration and asynchronous packet processing architecture to FreeS/WAN.

I have hacked custom features into OpenSSL, and wrote an ELF binary signing program.


My slightly out of date resume can be found here: http://www.jukie.net/~bart/resume/

Bart Trojanowski