Fire Gnome

Welcome to my preview of "Fire Gnome" (aka gfirewall).
There is not much here right now... I am concentrating on the project first.

I am using mostly C in this code... but, I do like 'string' and 'map' from the 'stl' C++ libraries so you will need libstdc++ to make it compile. I have, however, recently been exposed to glib BSTs. Although they are not as transparant as 'map' is, I think I will convert the code to use GTree insteam.

Why? I wanted to make a tool to alter ipchains-save files. I think they are a useful way of storing ipchains configurations.


  • Dec 19, 1999
  • Not so current anymore...

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  • Current version (1999-12-19)
  • The complete download directory...

  • Change log:

  • 2000-04-21: apology
  • 1999-12-19: fourth pre-alpha release
  • 1999-12-05: third pre-alpha release
  • 1999-12-02: second pre-alpha release
  • 1999-11-28: first pre-alpha release

  • TODO/Wishlist:

  • For now (items for v0.1.0)
  • For later (v0.2 and beyond)

  • Author

  • Bart Trojanowski

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    Hey, I am not saying mine is the best...

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