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Bart Trojanowski is a Linux kernel hacker currently self employed working for clients seeking Linux development and consulting services ( When not hacking Linux drivers and embedded systems, he enjoys playing with his two young kids.

Bart has been playing around with x86 machines since high-school. At that time his passion was in 3D simulations. Not wanting to wait till the standard curriculum exposed him to some of the higher level high school math courses he fast-tracked his Algebra class (and others) to learn more about vector and matrix manipulation. At this time he had already self learned C and assembly languages (for fun) and the fruit of this was a real-time 3D modeler written primarily in assembler.

Bart's first exposure to Linux was at Carleton University, while he was working on completing his Bachelors degree. In 1994, Linux provided to be a good platform for doing assignments in courses like the introductory ones in the C and Assembly programming languages. Not needing to learn these he explored and learned more about the UNIX platform, little aware that Linux would become part of his career. Through out university his passions exposed him to graphics, networking, parallel and distributed computing, and of course Linux.

By the time Bart graduated from Carleton in 1999 with highest honours, he had already been working in Linux for over a year through co-op and part-time placements. Since then he has been primarily developing kernel modules and kernel extensions, low-level libraries, and portability software for many platforms and many languages. Today, his weapon of choice is C.